The Beginning

Oh look. A blog. I don’t really know what this is. Ok, yes, its a blog. Thanks. I don’t really know what this is going to become, if anything. To be honest, this is just meant to be is a way for me to rant at a wall or something without literally ranting at a wall. But since you people are here I guess I might as well explain some things.

– For the most part, I want all of this to be anonymous. That means if you happen to know me or any of the people in this blog, keep it to your bloody selves.

-I won’t be using actual names, but when I refer to real people I’ll use a pseudonym of sorts. For example, a buddy of mine used drive us everywhere so I’ll call him Driver. I’ll try use the same pseudonyms for the same people as I post more of, well, whatever the fuck I want to post really.

-That doesn’t mean I won’t be using names at all, though. If I ever feel the need to speak directly at someone, I’ll just pull a random name. No Kyle, I didn’t come up with this idea with my own ingenuity, I stole/am actively stealing it from Fallon Mercedes’ Logic Blog. Fallon, if you’re reading this and don’t approve, sue me. Have your lawyers call my lawyers. Please don’t, I have student loans.

-I’m not too sure what I’ll put up here or how often I’m gonna update it. For now, there’ll probably be two main types of posts: articles/rants that blocks of text much like the one you’re reading now, and “4 a.m. shower quotes” because my sleep schedule is terribly screwed up but I’m an idiot, a genius, and philosopher all at once when I take a sleep deprived shower. I’ll probably try to do an article a month or so, so just check back sporadically if this somehow interests you.

Guess I’ll close this off with a little about me. As the student loans probably implied, I’m a college student. Hence the blog name.¬†Also I’m a guy, I’m American, and I make poor life decisions that turn into good stories. Let’s just leave it at that for now, if anyone does end up reading this then we can discover more later. Like a bloody adventure. If not, well I already know everything about me so that would just be redundant. Oh yeah, what do you call me? Since I can’t think of a pseudonym that isn’t an inside joke or sounds just plain stupid, for now lets just go with Narrator.


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