RQC: Guns and Relationships

“and I thought shit was finally gonna go ok

except she had a fuckload of problems

but we both had a fuckload of problems
and in my 9th grade rationality
and like
all the shit that you expect from movies and books and bullshit
its like
your broken
she’s broken
you’re a lower receiver
shes an upper receiver
together you make one functioning Daniel Defense Mk18 and everything’s fucking great
rounds on target
cycles like a charm
but that’s fucking wrong
its not like a movie or a book or whatever bullshit this crap came out of
if you try and put a broken ass lower receiver
with a broken ass upper
you get a misfiring piece of shit
that ends up ejecting the buffer spring through your shoulder the first time you pull the trigger.”
– Found in the text chat of a Discord Server

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