ART: Mondays

Mondays. I don’t get the hate. Like, why?

“Oh mah gawd no. I hate Mondays. Like I had 13 classes today, and I chipped a nail, and they fucked up my order at Starbucks, and I just found out my bff is dating my ex. Mondays fucking suck.”

Well ok there Jessica, you personified train wreck stereotype of a college girl, sounds like you had a pretty shit day. But how much of that is actually Monday’s fault? Or rather, how is that the fault of any day at all? Like Monday is just some arbitrary term we came up with to keep track of time. It would even make more sense to be mad at an inanimate object like “ah shit, I fell and ripped my leg open, and now I’m tracking blood through Applebee’s because I want food before getting medical, fuck you rock!” (More on that story in the future.) But even that isn’t actually the fault of the rocks, or the leaves covering the hole formed by the rocks, all that comes down to you. In my case, I was inattentive and tired, leading to royally fucked up leg, bloody pants, and strange looks from the waitress. As for you, how many of these problems would still exist if it weren’t Monday? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been stuck in the complete autocracy that is the US Education system for almost two decades now. I hated Mondays as much as anyone else. But whose fault is it that I have to get up at 6am on a Monday? I used to just say “fuck Mondays”, crawl out of bed, blast freezing cold water in the shower, drink enough caffeine to kill an elephant, and shrug it off. But now, I realize it’s my fault. I didn’t have to take an 8am class, but I did anyway. (For all of you still in middle school or high school, hah! Sucks to be you!) Whose fault is it that it’s raining in January instead of snowing like it should? No one’s really, unless you want to blame climate change and the Industrial Revolution. Whose fault is it that I smashed my face into the elevator as I tried to exit? Mine. Or Karma, but that kind of just leads right back to me.

“Yeah, but all of that happened becauseĀ it was on Monday.” No, Jessica, it happened because I’m an idiot. As are you. And the entire population as a whole. Again, topic for another time. What I’m trying to say is, take ownership of your actions. Recognize your mistakes, and move to fix them so you don’t have to deal with the same problem in the future. As for me, I’m never scheduling a class before 10am ever again. Because fuck that shit.


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