CPRO: The Hero

I realize that using pseudonyms for real people is going to get confusing as fuck. So, I figured I’d make a few character profiles to give them a bit more, well, character. Who better to start with than my best friend, The Hero.

The Hero or just Hero, situation dependent, wasn’t always my best friend. I’ve known the fucker since sometime back in elementary school, but back then I considered essentially everyone to be equal. Except for Columbia, but if you’ve read my other post, you know what happened there. Shit kinda just coasted, as most friendships of circumstance do. We both went to the same school, had the same interests, etc, etc, etc. But friendship is like steel. It holds shit together, it’s reliable, and it isn’t forged from complacency.

They say the strongest steel is forged from the hottest fires. Which is technically true, everything about that statement is accurate. But you don’t just take a lump of iron ore and shove the thing in the flames and then all of a sudden, voila, CPM-T440V. No shit doesn’t work that way. The strongest steel requires more than just being shoved in the hottest fire. It requires pulling the steel out of the fire, beating the flying fuck out of it with hammers, shoving it back into the fire, and repeating. Then, after it assumes the proper shape, it gets rapidly cooled by getting dunked in water. And after that, sometimes it needs to be hit by even more hammers. Steel isn’t made passively, it has to be forged into something strong and useful.

For most people, the hammering, reheating, rehammering, and waterboarding of the steel would represent conflicts in a relationship. Not for me. I rarely forgive, and never forget. A rather large flaw, I admit, but it’s just how I am. That doesn’t mean that I agree with The Hero all the time, and he certainly doesn’t always agree with me and my decisions. The beautiful thing is that we are able to hold differing opinions without leading to conflict.

“Well that seems simple.”

Yeah Jared, you’d think so. But go to the comments section of just about any youtube video and you’ll find differing opinions that can’t seem to avoid conflict.

“So then what does the hammering and forging and shit mean?”

For me, that’s experience. It’s time shared. It’s as simple as playing DayZ (hence the name Hero) and airsoft for 6 years. Or spending weekends on the side of a cliff. It’s nights around a (questionably legal) fire. It’s skipping school to make a Burger King run (not sponsored).

It’s as complicated as a phone call at 12:05am local time that goes like “Hey man, I’m around an hour away from you, on the side of a mountain with really sketchy back roads and hundred foot drops, there’s a massive thunderstorm rolling in, visibility is down to like 15 meters, and I have no way to get home.”

It’s responding to said phone call with “Sit tight, I’ll be right there.” Even when his parents, girlfriend, and gut-feeling all said it was a terrible idea.

It’s being one of 4 people I can comfortably fall asleep around without a knife in my hand and a Glock under my pillow.

It’s being The Hero.


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