So yeah. I’m not dead. Surprise ladies, gents, attack helicopters, etc.

Sorry about the extended absence, I got kicked right in the teeth by finals, then I had to relocate from hell college back to my town, and then I got a job with fluctuating hours, and shits been all different kinds of fucked. But, now I’m back. And, (Yes, Jim, I know it’s not grammatically correct to start a sentence with “and” but you can go fuck yourself) I think I have a schedule worked out. I’ll try to post an article (ART) every 2 weeks on Saturday at 0200ZULU. Adjust accordingly for your timezone. The biweekly uploads will give me an actual deadline instead of just posting whenever the fuck I wanted, which wasn’t very often by the way. It’s mad fucking disheartening to dump hours of emotion (granted emotion was usually whining and bitching) into a piece and only have it seen by like 30 people.

“But you said this blog was only for you to post random shit and clear your head.”

Yeah it was. And the Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable. But guess the fuck what Jim, unexpected shit happens. But you’re right, I shouldn’t be expecting massive amounts of views, certainly not anywhere near youtuber levels. Especially when I’ve got the consistency of an Italian’s wartime allegiance. But still, seeing people view and not leave feedback is just kinda sad. Oh well. I’m starting small. It’s how it is. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And unlike Rome, this blog is unlikely to collapse from political infighting as there is pretty much no one to infight with. Is that a word? You get the fucking idea.

Which leads me to my next point. OH wait, and the biweekly uploads will give me plenty of time to come up with a new topic to whine and bitch about in depth. NOW next point.

When I started, I wrestled with how I was gonna identify all of my friends. Because I wanted this to be as anonymous as possible, yet throwing a metric shit ton of names like Hero or PRC or whatever around was just going to be confusing. So I decided to come up with character profiles (CPROs), mini-articles to explain who these people were. I expected I would need them to adequately tell my stories of our summer time adventures and life lessons we picked up or some bullshit. I expected to roll with roughly a fireteam of guys, that had additions every so often. Well now I don’t. They’re dead to me. Well, that might be a bit harsh, they’re not exactly… No, fuck it, they’re dead to me.

I guess I’m metaphorically 80 cuz all my friends are metaphorically dead or dying. Well physically too, some faster than others.

But yeah. Now its basically just me and The Hero, with a few occasional addons who haven’t yet been introduced. So CPROs still serve a purpose, there’ll just be a lot fewer than I expected.

Oh well. Acceptable losses and shit right? I mean I wrote a whole fucking article on it. Life is pretty much a single-player game. With occasional drop-in coop and/or pvp.

Oh, speaking of ART: Acceptable Losses, that video of the HMMWVs smashing into the ground. There’s some poor E5 that’s about to get fucked over for it. Potentially. Depends on how badly the military wants to scapegoat. We’ll see if he gets court-martialled in a few weeks. But yeah. Feelsbadman. HMMWVs are fucking trash anyway its not like we wrecked 3 Bradleys or 3 Abrams’s. Or the entire F35 project. Actually, no the F35 project is shaping up but I’ll ramble about that some other time. Maybe this Friday. Maybe not.

But it’s currently 0805Z and I’m tired as fuck and I’m just talking randomly at this point so quick recap:

-New ARTs every other Friday/Saturday timezone dependent (everything besides CPROs will still be spontaneous)

-I haven’t quite decided what to do about CPROs but there will be far fewer than I first anticipated.

And yeah. I think that covers it. See you ladies, gents, attack helicopters, in the next article.

Narrator out.


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